1.00 pm until 6.00 pm
- 4 Presentations -
(with a break for refreshments)

But only with a ticket available from July 2019.
Ticket details will appear here shortly.

The personalities that helped shape the Playhouse.
- by Arthur Millie -

A look at some of the important people whose input has helped make the Playhouse the success it is today.

Arthur Millie has lived in Salisbury since 1982.
He is the Ex Head teacher of Tidworth C. of E. Primary School and archivist at the Playhouse since 1995.

Panto at Salisbury.

The Henry Marshall pantomimes at Salisbury Playhouse 1955-1985.
- by Chris Abbott-

Chris Abbott presents the story of thirty years of theatrical
history through the pantomimes at Salisbury Playhouse.

Chris reviews and writes about puppets, pantomime, and other popular entertainments. He is author of ‘Putting on Panto to pay for the Pinter’. He lives in London.

The Man who saved the Odeon.
- by Frogg Moody -

Alan Richardson was the man who took on the developers with his campaign to save the Odeon from demolition in the 1980s. Alan died last year and in this presentation, Frogg remembers the man through some of his photos and archives.

Frogg Moody writes a weekly column "Bygone Salisbury" for theSalisbury Journal and is editor of the "Fisherton Informer" magazine. He also researches local history and is a tour guide.

Talk Part 2 - 20th Century Parades of Salisbury.
- by Neil Leacy -

Presenting further major parades that followed the streets of Salisbury during the 20th century. Featuring film from the 1927 celebrations of 700 years of Sarum; the first Salisbury Hospital carnival week of 1930 and the Queen's Coronation of 1952.

Neil Leacy is a member of Fisherton History Society. He has lectured at various history societies and groups specialising in old Salisbury film footage. Neil will be MC at various events during this year’s festival.