The story of the
Salisbury History Festival

In 2018, Frogg Moody decided to organise a History Festival to
celebrate Salisbury and its People. At a time when Salisbury was
still in shock from the now notorious chemical attack, this first
Festival took everyone by surprise with all the events sold out and
earning very complimentary comments from many people including
Salisbury MP John Glen. So thank you to all the speakers, helpers
and attendees who made that first festival successful!

And so to 2019. The celebration of Salisbury’s fascinating history
and heritage will feature many different events including exhibitions,
guided walks and tours, talks and presentations, a mock trial, local
historical films, a school writing competition and special events.

Since last year, Frogg has worked tirelessly to make the 2019
History Festival even bigger and he has introduced two new people
to his team. Sally Lloyd and Ruby Vitorino are equally as passionate
about Salisbury history and together, the team believe this second
festival will be a real winner!


Meet the team

Sallie Lloyd


Sallie Lloyd has lived in Quidhampton and Middle Woodford travelling to Greece, Spain and Germany


As an actress, she
has appeared on stage and screen and is currently working at a local education institute.


Frogg Moody


Frogg Moody writes a weekly history column ‘Bygone Salisbury’ in the Salisbury Journal and is editor of ‘The Fisherton
Informer’ Magazine.


A researcher and tour guide, Frogg has organised many history events over the last 10 years.

Ruby Vitorino


Ruby Vitorino is a local researcher, historian and scriptwriter.


She has lectured on many subjects such as Highwaymen,
The Meadow Road Mystery, and The Haunch of Venison. She is also a local tour guide.